Thursday, January 19, 2012

Top Ten Baby Must-Haves

After having three babies in the last seven years, I have seen all the ads and tried a lot of baby products.  Some are gimmicks and are just a place for new parents to throw money, but some are truly awesome must-haves.  All babies and all parents are different but these are my favorite baby products:

10. Eurobath tub- like 2 tubs in one!  They can lay as little newborns and then sit up on the other side.  It cleans easily but it is a pain to store.
9. Ergo Baby Carrier-worth its weight in gold and they almost price it accordingly.  It is comfortable for baby and mommy...even mommies with horrible backs like mine.  I look like an idiot buckling the middle back strap sometimes but once it is on, it is great.

8. Carter's Sleep and Play outfits-seriously the cuddliest clothes out there.  They hold up so well and fit great.  I have a ton in all those storage bins up there in the closets and they still look great.

7. Snuza-It is a movement monitor that clips onto their diaper and sounds an alarm if they stop breathing.  I use it and the Angelcare Monitor.  The plus to the Snuza is that they can where it anywhere.  I wish insurance companies would pay for every baby to leave the hospital to go home with one of these.  I slept much better knowing this thing was on my baby all night.

6. Playtex Drop-ins Bottles-they are BPA free and so easy to use.  As someone who didn't own a dishwasher with her oldest, these are a lifesaver.  And I love that they have the most choices when it comes to nipple styles.  My kids had serious nipple preferences and I could always find a Playtex that worked.

5. Maclaren Strollers-I currently own three.  Yes, three.  I have the Easy Traveller that is like a Snap and Go for infant seats, a Volo and a Quest.  I love my Quest.  It almost pushes itself.  I have taken the Volo over the cobblestone streets of London, through airports around the world and it is still working great.  They are almost indestructible and so easy to use.

4.  Fisher-Price Space Saver Highchair-I love that it sits on a chair and doesn't take up the volume a conventional high chair does.  It cleans easily, adjusts well and even converts to a booster.  What a deal!
3. Bumbo-love this thing.  Okay, don't put your kid in it on top the refrigerator and don't keep them in it for hours on end but when you need it, it rocks.  My kids are late sitters and this helps them feel like they can sit up and play.  I have even used it as a high chair and a bath seat on vacation and it wipes right up.

2.  Fisher-Price Rock 'n Play Sleeper-a great way to keep your newborn close to you and a total must if your baby has reflux.  It folds up flat and is great in small spaces.  I would take it from room to room in the first couple of months and have a place to the lay the baby down.  She was so comfy in this and it kept her on her back and on an angle.

and finally...
1. The Swaddle Me blanket and Woombie-both amazing at keeping babies all wrapped up and safe feeling in this cruel, cold world.  I credit these for giving me (and the baby) uninterrupted sleep far sooner than we would have otherwise.  My babies are easily startled and this let them stay sweetly bundled tight and sleep soundly.  The Woombie is great for babies that outgrow the Swaddle Me.

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