Friday, January 6, 2012

E-Mealz Review and a Very Pretty Salad!

So I'm in deep with Dave Ramsey.  Really deep.  Like when people ask me how I'm doing, I have to keep myself from saying, "better than I deserve."  If you listen to Dave you know that advertises on his radio show so I was curious.  Along came a Groupon deal for $17 for a 6 month membership so I felt it was worth the leap.

So what is  It is a dinner planning service that give my brain and creativity a break and does all the hard work for me by giving me a meal plan for the week with a shopping list.  I chose the Aldi plan because it is my favorite grocery store and I'm trying to save money.  They say that 7 meals will add up to a grocery bill of $65-$80 per week but I haven't seen one over $75 yet.  It has saved us so much money especially because I was the type that would resort to eating out if I didn't like what we had on hand.

I really like the food!  It is super easy and pretty similar to what we already eat but just done for me!  There are some really creative meals that I hadn't thought of and even some crock pot recipes in there.  A lot of people wonder what to do if they don't like all the dinners for that week.  We aren't super picky eaters so this isn't a huge issue for us but there is usually one meal a week that isn't right for our family so we substitute a family favorite, frozen pizzas and a bagged salad or we make sure that is Tuesday night's meal because kids eat free at our Chick-fil-A!

Here was one of our meals the other night.  It was a layered salad that I would never normally make but we loved it!  I added a layer of chopped chicken breast and some green onions but otherwise followed my plan of layering:
chopped lettuce
thawed frozen peas
cheddar cheese
sliced hard boiled eggs
and a dressing made of 1 cup mayo (I used light) with 2 T sugar
My kids thought it was too pretty to eat and there was plenty left for the next day!

If you have been on the fence about, give it a try and give your brain a break!

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