Friday, February 17, 2012

Olympic Party

Okay, I know it is early and even in London they would laugh at me for talking about it in February, but I'm already getting excited for the Olympics.  I love watching the games so much that last time I threw a little opening ceremony party for Beijing.  We had Team USA dogs, Budweiser, etc and then some Chinese food thrown in.  This time you know I'm doing burgers AND fish and chips.  Here is the cake I made last time.  A little advice: don't put the M&Ms on until right before the party or they will run.  The cake is a devil's food with some extra chocolate chips with a whipped cream frosting.

Can't wait for the torch to reach London!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Our Bookmark Valentines

I wanted to come up with a fun Valentine idea for my girls in school.  We made our version of something similar I saw on Pinterest with jumbo pink paperclips from Staples and various 48 cent ribbon from Wal-Mart and made a card that showed my kids holding up their favorite books with this bookmark clipped to it.  Here is the card I designed in Photoshop.

and here it is with the paperclip bookmark clipped to it:

and here she is signing the backs:

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Mini Swiffer

There aren't a ton of chores that a toddler can do but here is one!  I removed one of the "sticks" that you click together to make a Swiffer dry mop.  It makes it a great size for a toddler/small child.  Slap on a Swiffer dry cloth or microfiber rag and they can play and clean at the same time.
And here she goes...

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

February Girl Scout Meeting

For this Girl Scout meeting we celebrated our "love of reading".
I started by pledge, GS promise and asked the girls how cookie selling was going and how they would like celebrate the end to cookie season.

Then I read them a short biography book of Juliette Gordon Low I borrowed from our council office and we talked about our favorite books and how we can share our love of reading.  I explained what a Ronald McDonald house is and how we would be making Valentine's Day goodie bags for the kids staying there and their families.  I have a friend that will deliver the bags on Valentine's Day.

I bought 12 books for $1.99 each from Half Price Books, got bags and tissue from Walmart, our troop donated 12 boxes of Girl Scout cookies, made 12 paper clip bookmarks, and made cards via Photoshop.  Here is the card:

The girls made the bookmarks:

They assembled the bags and then had a snack of strawberries and pretzels with chocolate dipping sauce.  We finished with our "Star Daisy" and "Star Brownie" where I give a little gift to the girl who embodied the Girl Scout Law and Make New Friends.  That was our February meeting!  The girls had a blast and I can't wait to hear about the families that get these bags!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

1 Roast, 2 Amazing meals

So I love saving money and time on dinner while making things still delicious.  Here is a super easy way to make one roast into two yummy dinners.

First, start with one of the easiest slow cooker recipes ever.  Take a roast, a three pounder would be great.  Put it in the slow cooker and liberally cover with some garlic powder.  Then pour in half to a whole jar of these:

Sliced Peperoncinis/banana peppers.  I used a half jar with juice this time because I don't want it too spicy for my kids.  It really wasn't spicy at all using half the jar.
Now cook for 8 hours on low and then shred...that part will be easy.

First meal-Italian Beef Sandwiches:  I use hoagie rolls and fill them full of this shredded roast goodness, top with some provolone cheese and toast in the oven on about 400 degrees for 5 minutes.  Top with mayo, tomatoes, etc.  Serve with a salad and oven fries.  I "borrowed" the pic above from this blog where she shows making a very similar version of my sandwiches.

Second meal-Street Tacos: Use the leftover shredded roast in warm corn tortillas and top with avocado, pico de gallo and cheese and serve with rice and beans.

Best part?  All of this can be purchased very inexpensively from Aldi!  I have never had a bad roast from their meat department.