Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The best software I have ever purchased!

Other than Photoshop of course!

YNAB!  Youneedabudget.com is the most user-friendly software I have ever used!  It is like a checkbook register that works with a budget you set up.  They offer free webinars and even have a free book you can read to really maximize your usage.  I have tried mint.com and other online methods but this has been the best way to really use and keep a budget I have ever found.  Give it a try!  They have a free trial for over 30 days so you can tinker around before you commit.

I also like giving my money to a small business.  The developers came up with this software based on the concept of spending last month's money so this month's is in the bank.  You build up your buffer until you are at this point.  It really helps us because a lot of our expenses are on the 1st of the month (mortgage, etc) so we need that buffer.  It really works well with the concepts we learned from Dave Ramsey.

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