Friday, May 13, 2016

Rebooting my blog and my body

I've neglected this blog badly after focusing on our adoption blog for the last 2 years. I'm still going to keep writing about our journey over there but this blog will be more for crafts, recipes, tips and other ramblings unrelated to adoption.

In writing my first new post over here in 3 years I thought I would focus on what's new with me. I'm on a 6 month journey on the other side of the world and while I miss my family terribly, I decided to make the best of where I am. I've been here for over 4 months and in that time I've lost 20lbs with about 7lbs to go before I come home.

I did it by the same method we were able to pay off our debt after attending Financial Peace University. I have a food budget on MyFitnessPal and I pay attention to what I'm eating. Winning with money is about spending less than you make and having a plan and losing weight is the same. I burn more than I eat and plan out my food. MyFitnessPal is free and the majority of my workouts don't even require a gym membership. I have mostly just been running or walking outside.

I set MyFitnessPal to lose 1lb/week and I've lost that or better every single week I've been here. I am a huge fan of "prelogging" my food the day before. That just means that I put in what I plan the eat the next day. I pick mostly healthy options that I know will make me feel full but make sure there is room for chocolate.

I've also been running more than ever. I have run a 5k each week since Easter and because of the encouragement of my coworkers, I ran my first 10k last week. I'm hoping to run another one in October in Texas.

Now the big will I keep it off when I come home? I will apply the same methods of how we have stayed out of debt and recently purchased a 2015 van with cash: I will keep paying attention. It may mean that using MyFitnessPal is a daily little task. Some people would balk at the idea of using an app to track their food forever but it seems like a small chore in comparison to feeling great and being healthier.

More pics to come but here is my post-10k glow...okay the reflective belt is really glowing but safety first night runners:

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