Monday, September 30, 2013

We Are Debt Free!

So that picture is the result of a two year journey.  Two years ago we realized that our finances were out of control and decided that the best way to fix it was to try Financial Peace University.  It was life changing.  We started with $39K in car and student loan debt and a snowball (monthly debt payment) of less than $200.  It seemed so impossible and overwhelming.

But like a snowball rolling downhill, it grew. It kept going until every month, it was $1000-$2000 and before you knew it, we had done it!  It was amazing and God did all the heavy lifting and to Him be the honor and glory.  We put every "3rd paycheck", tax refund, and any other windfall into this to get it done.  We skipped vacationing, cut down on extras and eating out.  YNAB also was an incredible tool that managed our budget every month.  We learned so much in the process about self-control and knowing God's will and I'm so thankful for the journey but even more thankful it is done.  So now what?  We finished Baby Step 2 (paying off consumer debt) in April and went to Tennessee in August to do our live debt free scream.  Now, we are almost done with Baby Step 3 which is 3-6 months expenses.  It has taken us exactly 6 months which is mind blowing.  

Regarding knowing God's will, my husband had the revelation early on that if we didn't have the cash for something you could pretty much reason that it wasn't God's will for you to have that object you desired.  So that was our litmus test of every "want" that came up.  Do we have the cash?  Can we sell something or find the money?  If no, then the answer was to wait.  Most of the time, the desire went away or it worked itself out.

One of the main goals in this was not only to get financially healthy for just the basic reason that it is the smart thing to do but to ultimately take the next step of faith we feel God is calling us to. More to come..but just to confirm what you are all thinking: yes, the treats in Martha's Place are really that good.  Nothing like a salted caramel cupcake to celebrate!

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