Monday, October 29, 2012

God and Politics

Maybe dangerous for dinner conversation but what do we do with God and politics?  I grew up in a conservative Republican home going to an Assembly of God church.  I had one set of grandparents that were Republican and Southern Baptists.  We could talk about politics at their home but not our church.  Then I had a set of Democratic voting, Assembly of God grandparents.  We could talk about what we believed all day over chicken fried venison, but never politics.  I loved my Granddad but if he ran over a screw and flattened a tire, I would hear how it was somehow Reagan's fault.

I have heard a lot of Christians say during this election season that we shouldn't talk about politics.  If they feel called to be politically neutral, then they should do it.  But if other Christians do feel called to enter the political arena, I think they should follow what God is calling them to.  I read a Bible filled with prophets and apostles that stood before kings and advocated for God's laws.  I see God use his people like Esther and David, that actually were leaders of the land and used their position for the good of the people.

I don't think we should ever use a political platform to forsake the call on all of our lives.  We must love those who disagree with us.  Jesus is clear about how we should treat our enemies.  We can't lose our witness or cover our light by being offensive to the other side of the aisle.  Speak the truth in love, but never stop speaking the truth.

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