Friday, March 25, 2011

If Heaven were a library

If Heaven were a library, I would check out my mom's Grandpa first.  I have never met him but always wanted to.  I would bring him to my house and find him a well seasoned iron skillet so I could finally taste his homemade cornbread.

Next I would check out my Grandma.  I would sit her in my kitchen and let my middle daughter, Caroline, climb in her lap for the first time.  She could finally see how somehow I created a little girl that looks and acts just like her.  I would make her a pie and serve it to her in the plates and silverware she left me.  Then I would tell her all the things I never got to.  I would tell her that I appreciated every single prayer she prayed for me and that they all were answered.  That my husband is as good as she could have dreamed for me and more.

Finally, I would borrow my brother.  But I would end up owing so many fines, I would never be able to repay them because I would never be able to return him.  I would dance with him one more time.  I would watch as many Mystery Science Theater movies as I could find and we would laugh until we cried.  And I would tell him how much I missed him and how I wished he could have held each one of my babies.

But it isn't a library.  Death is so bitterly final.   But we rejoice, because we have hope in that mansion just over the hilltop.  I hope I'm not going any time soon but I'm glad I have these little strings in my heart that pull me heavenward and remind me that this world is not my home.


  1. This post really touched me, very beautifully written.

  2. I agree with Lianne. This is very beautifully written. Good post!