Sunday, September 27, 2009

Life Journals

All of the things I list in this blog are just pieces to a puzzle that come together to produce a more peaceful and joy-filled life.  This is probably the most important piece in that puzzle.  I had always intended to have a good "quiet-time" with God.  Sometimes I would randomly read a chapter in the Bible and pray before bed.  Sometimes I would make it a week or so getting up early and using an online or book devotional.  Whatever it was, it was never consistent.  One of my goals this year was getting this part of my life under control.  While in Hawaii, I visited New Hope Church in Honolulu.  Their pastor had introduced the idea of using a Life Journal so I started looking into it.  It is such a simple but beautiful way of studying the scripture everyday.  You read through the Bible in a year by reading the passage they have outlined for that day and then write about the verse that stood out to you.  You follow the SOAP method: Scripture-write out the verse, Observation-what you see in the text, Application-how you apply it to your life, and Prayer-your response to God regarding this verse.  You don't have to have the notebook they sell but it does have the verses in the front.  I simply bought a small spiral notebook and use the website they provide to read the Bible.  It is simple and really seems to permeate through you throughout the day.  My husband and I have both been consistently doing this for almost 2 months and we love it!

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