Friday, June 3, 2011

I don't think God cares

I hear this in regards to many topics like:

I don't think God cares about football (while watching players thank God in post-game interviews)

I don't think God cares about tattoos (in regards to whether or not Christians should get them)

I don't think God cares about _________(fill in the blank with any topic less important than thermo-nuclear war).

And I guess that is true.  If they are talking about a distant God who is basically just a cosmic referee deciding which issues are really important enough for Him to take a break from all the awesome harp music and come down and intervene.  That is just not who I worship.  I worship a God who knows how many hairs I have on my head and how many electrons I have going around each atom in my body.  I believe He cares (meaning that it is part of his ultimate plan of redemption) about everyone on a cellular level.  He cares about that new purse I might buy because it has really deep pockets and 7 months from now I will drop my keys down in there, search the whole house for 20 minutes, just to find them in those deep pockets.  He cares because if I had left the house 20 minutes earlier, the 15 car pileup on the interstate would have been a 16 car pileup.  So even though picking out a new purse may seem like a minor choice, it might be a huge choice in the scheme of eternity.  I think He could conceivably put me in front of the new purse display on purpose.  We may never know all the things that seem like small potatoes to us, but turn out to be life or death.  High school graduation could have been held at Joplin High School at 6pm and the entire class and their families could have been killed or seriously injured.  We don't know why somethings happen the way they do but I know that my God cares and I know He has a plan.
Either He is the omnipotent God of the universe or He isn't.  Either He is a loving Father who knows every detail of His children's lives and cares about them because He knows them all the way down to their soul, or He isn't.  Who is He to you?


  1. Great thoughts Sarah! Good post!

  2. Wow, Sarah. I never thought of it like that before. Great post :-)